Special Edition
March 2020
Guides to Disinfecting and Cleaning Zebra Healthcare Printers, Scanners and Mobile Computer Devices
It has never been more important to effectively and correctly disinfect and clean healthcare devices used in hospitals and healthcare environments. As a reminder, please find below our guides and best practice documents to help you support your healthcare customers with information in the fight against the spread of infections and viruses.
You can find all the below guides and information on our dedicated web page, which you can share with your staff and customers: https://connect.zebra.com/disinfecting-healthcare-devices .
Read our latest blog to learn how 'Washing Your Hands is Important, but So Is Cleaning the Devices That Your Hands Touch All Day Long.' (For Language versions Click here: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish.)
Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines for Zebra TC5X-HC Mobile Computer Devices

Read our guide to learn how to disinfect and clean Zebra TC5x-HC Mobile computer devices. Includes list of approved cleaning agents.
Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Zebra Healthcare Printers

This guide details how to safely clean and disinfect Zebra Healthcare Printers. Includes list of approved cleaning agents.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines for Zebra Healthcare Scanners

This document provides guidelines to use when cleaning or disinfecting Zebra Healthcare scanners. Includes list of approved cleaning agents.
Best Practices for Infection Prevention

Learn more about best practices to prevent the spread of infections in hospitals and healthcare environments.

Separating Myth from Reality: Cleaning and Disinfecting Mobile Devices

This paper highlights some of the top myths about the potential risks of infectious diseases that mobile devices present.
For non-healthcare models of Zebra products, look up the User Guide for your exact model on the Support section of our website and turn to the Cleaning Instructions section.
Our Zebra patient identification wristbands have also been designed and tested to be used with hospital disinfectants and cleaning solutions and our durable, high-quality laboratory slide labels can withstand the most widely used staining techniques in histopathology.  
Our Zebra, patient identification wristbands undergo severe stress testing where resistance to a wide range of substances, including isopropyl and rubbing alcohol, water and hand sanitizers are measured. 
Specially designed to resist the dip cycles of xylene and graded alcohols involved in this process, yet remain legible and scannable, Zebra’s 8000T Lab Resist label material is ideal where standard labels would fail.  
Please click on the links for further information and guides on our patient wristbands and laboratory labelling materials.
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